Suzanne  is a Trauma Informed Registered Psychotherapist, (CRPO #2688) trained in EMDR & Clinical Hypnotherapy and a member of OHMAP (Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals).  She has worked with children and adults for over twenty years as a teacher, Trauma Responder and EMDR & Clinical Hypnotherapy.   As a Traumatic Event Response Provider with Life Works, she provides support for individuals & groups following a traumatic event.   She played a key role responding to The Van Attack (April 2018), the Danforth Shooting (July 2018) and was Lead Counsellor for The St. Michael’s College sexual assault (November 2018). Her training, experience, insight and compassionate approach make her invaluable to help people process past trauma(s) and work through a variety of emotional difficulties. 

Suzanne’s main therapeutic approach is EMDR and Clinical Hypnotherapy.  She also offers  Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback, both on its own and in conjunction therapy. 

Her belief is everyone has strengths, yet they may not be able to see or access them. Through EMDR, Hypnosis and NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, she helps clients to process their life experiences and shift their negative beliefs about themselves, finding their inner strengths and calm.

Remember, it takes a strong person to ask for help. Counselling can help you (or your child) become more self-aware and understand the reasons why you behave and react in the way you do. It helps to find the real you.

In therapy your strengths and resilience are honoured. You will be listened to, respected, and supported without judgement.

You may come to understand coping strategies you’ve used to manage pain and difficult emotions and decide to explore new and healthier ways to manage challenges you face in everyday life with positive self beliefs. This will help you to move forward from painful or frustrating life experiences. The next step is taking on the work and making a commitment once you have chosen to make an investment in yourself.

If you would like to work with an open, non-judgmental and caring therapist then you are encouraged to contact Suzanne.

Suzanne has an M.A. in Counselling Psychology from the Adler Institute of Professional Psychology, Trained in EMDR & Clinical Hypnotherapy, a B.Ed. from York University and Social Work Certificate from the University of Waterloo. Other studies and certifications  EMDR Child Specialist Level 1,  Advanced Group and Individual Crisis Intervention and qualified Instructor of Group Crisis Intervention; along with the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC), certified as a Certified Trauma Specialist and Trauma Informed School Specialist, and is a certified Gottman Seven Principles Educator.  Suzanne also has a B.A. in Canadian Studies from the University of Guelph.

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