NeurOptimal® Facts

Does NeurOptimal® Have Side Effects?

Every brain works differently and depending on the amount of trauma you have endured throughout your life, it is possible to experience headaches and an influx of emotions. If these symptoms do occur, remember that they are normal functions of your brain adapting to the neurofeedback.

Who Benefits from Neurofeedback Training?

Anyone can benefit from neurofeedback regardless of the age category that they belong to. Children often see results much quicker because their brains are more malleable.

How Much Does Neurofeedback Cost?

A single training session in person costs $70 plus HST. You may wish to rent a system to have at home.  If you are wanting up to 25 sessions over 4 weeks, the cost is $800.00 plus HST.  For unlimited sessions over the same period of time, the price is $1000.00 plus HST. For more information about the rental systems, click here.

How Is NeurOptimal® Different from Other Neurofeedback Systems?

NeurOptimal® does not tell the brain what or what not to do. Instead, the system responds to the brainwave information and the client responds to the feedback that the system provides. Furthermore, NeurOptimal® trainers do not diagnose nor treat specific symptoms. Instead, they train the whole brain simultaneously. In addition, traditional neurofeedback systems require licensed clinicians to make or use a diagnosis with the help of electroencephalogram. This makes the process much more time consuming, expensive and is unnecessary.

What Can I do During a Session?

You can do anything as long as you are seated. Some people enjoy reading, sleeping, or finishing up work on their laptop. What you spend the session doing is entirely up to you.