What to Expect During a Session 

Neurofeedback is an undemanding and productive method of brain training. It is a non-invasive mode of brain training which is suitable for all ages.

During a typical Neurofeedback session, a total of five sensors are placed on the crown of the head and ears which read your brainwaves. Nothing goes back to your brain through the sensors. You are given headphones to listen to music for the entire 33-minute session. The music is important for providing you with an understanding of changes in your environment.

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback  notices changes in your brainwaves, it creates a mini interruption in the music. The breakages in the music are beneficial because they will signal you to come back to the present moment.

With Neurofeedback, the brain is continuously learning new ways to regulate itself. It seems unbelievable, right? It is the same with bodily functions such as the digestive process. Whether we are conscious or not that food is being digested, our body continues to do the work for us. The only thing that we have to do is provide our body with the tools to digest our food efficiently and effectively.