NeurOptimal® Rentals

The NeurOptimal® Home System is a fully automated neurofeedback system and is designed to be used at home. Rentals are a great way to get neurofeedback sessions in the convenience of your own home, so you can do them whenever you want. It is much more economical in terms of cost per session, and your whole family can take advantage of it!

Neurofeedback Rental Cost:

$800 plus HST/4 Weeks        $1000 plus HST/4 Weeks

Includes 25 sessions            Unlimited sessions

$32/session                            $1000 flat rate

How Many Neurofeedback Sessions Are Recommended? 

Most clients do 4-5 sessions per week, while others aim for more.  It really depends on your schedule. The recommended minimum rental is 4 weeks, though you may keep the system for as many months as you wish.  

You can pick up the rental system at 1450 O’Connor office or it can be shipped across Canada.

“I worked with Suzanne to complete a series of Neurofeedback sessions using an at home device. Suzanne was extremely helpful, kind, compassionate and supportive throughout the entire process. She always checked in to see how I was doing and I really appreciated that. I am very happy with my results from Neurofeedback. I noticed incredibly deeper sleeps, the sessions brought on a sense of calmness. Overall I felt less emotionally reactive to things. I was able to process through some of my past hurdles that I felt were holding me back. All in all I think Neurofeedback is an excellent tool. It simply helps you to function at your best. I will be completing follow up sessions as part of Suzanne’s maintenance program.”

Note: Throughout the duration of a rental, you will be given support and have any questions you need answered.