“When I first started counselling, I was suffering from severe anxiety and sadness. I felt consumed by my emotions and I could not stop the cycle of overthinking matters in my head. I was so anxious and it pervaded every aspect of my life, work, relationships and how I viewed myself. Over the course of this treatment, I have noticed a huge change in my behaviour and thoughts. The anxiety has subsided. I feel more confident in myself and more positive/ optimistic about everything. I do not get stuck in the same cycle of worrying and overanalyzing issues. I feel that I can handle stressful situations better as well. This treatment has really improved the quality of my life and it has led me to
feel happy and secure.”
– S.B.

Since my son was identified ADHD 3 years ago in grade one, I’ve trying whatever positive to help him smooth in a normal life. Medications, Individual Education Plan, parenting programs,,, I’m glad I got lots of help from school and society but I’m still have a kid hard to follow instructions, with many impulsive behaviours and social difficulties. We started Nero feedback few weeks ago. Right after the 1st session, changes start. Now 6 sessions has been done, I see quite a few unbelievable changes in daily life. Homework is much easier. Before my son’s Sunday journal was a nightmare full of back and forth negotiations for an hour (just 5-6 sentences required) and most time ended up with screaming and crying because of typical ADHD avoiding tasks that require sustained mental efforts. In past few weekends, my son is willing to do the journal and being given a little help the journal was done with in 10-15 minutes! Being calm and listen better. Somehow I don’t have to raise up my voice all the time to get him moving on things. Still I need remind him on routine work, clean up things, but there is a difference: REASON. Once he gains the calm, he seems grow up more and starts to realize his own self-esteem and prides. Last week, he told me I was embarrassing him in the park when I lost my patience and talked in a high voice about his flying a kite.

School is shocked by his performance as well. Before I got complains ( notes on agenda, phone calls) all the time, since the treatment start few weeks ago, I haven’t got any complaints. Here are some notes from the teacher: “…. he was very calm today and listened REALLY WELL. Keep up the good work!… He continues to be the happiest I have seen in three years. Yesterday, I heard that he apologized to Mrs. ( ) for taking some of her plasticine. He apologized unsolicited. He also played a game in music and lost. While this could have upset him in the past, yesterday he put his hand out, to the winner, and shook while congratulating him. THIS IS A HUGE IMPROVEMENT! I’m so excited about the change!”

So far from what I could see, my son is getting more confidence about himself and much happier than before. The impact on his academic performance would be a good shock for me I believe,,, I do combine the medication and Nero feed back all these time and I’m looking forward to reduce the medication dose in the future.

Since the my son was born, I know there is something waiting for me, I took it as a puzzle, solve it piece by piece. I’m glad I got a big piece —Nero feed back.
– JoJo